The Platinum Challenge Competition

Morithitho Foundation hosts national competitions annually to provide a platform for competitors to present various genres, of both classical and street dances. Through the competitions, the foundation has had multiple opportunities to provide a safe environment for children and youth to participate in dance, not just socially, but also paving a way for their future careers.

The foundation draws competitors from the existing pool of Teachers in training under the DTT programme. Each studio in the programme has over 50 dancers, trained effectively by their studio heads and teachers who have training through DTT, allowing their dancers to be on par with well-trained dancers, thus enabling them to prosper in the competitive space.

Target Group

  • Majority black, previously disadvantaged youth, and women
  • Aged between six years old to fifty-five years old (6 – 55)
  • Participants are to come mainly from the North West, Mpumalanga, Free State and Gauteng provinces (other provinces to be included as and when funding is available)

Proven Experience

Competition Visuals




Hip Hop



Rock n Roll


Traditional Dance

Programme Beneficiaries

  • Youth and children in different communities, taking dancesport either as an art or recreational activity
  • Women in different communities who run complimentary programmes
  • Unemployed women and youth, dance teachers, unqualified, qualified, non-credited and accredited dance teacher/coaches who oversee teams, groups or studios needing a qualification for creditability and for job related opportunities
  • Community members who are active citizens in their communities will benefit through the competitions be it cooking (catering), sound managing, consume making (tailoring), coordination and organisation that leads to job creation
  • Morithitho Foundation aims at affecting a minimum of 400 people in the four provinces, majority in North West, Free State, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng province, either directly or indirectly

Programme Sustainability

Morithitho Foundation is partly sustained through income generated from the four (4) national dance competitions, The Platinum Challenge, which it runs annually. Income is derived from the sale of:

  1. Competition entry fees
  2. Spectator tickets fees
  3. Arts and craft made by various artists sold at competitions
  4. Food and refreshments sold at the competition

The foundation relies on sponsors for food donations to be sold, trophies, medals and other prizes.

In addition to the annual dance competition, Morithitho Foundation relies on donations from individual sponsors and partakes in facilitating and generates income from tickets sales and attendance fee for:

  • Dance Shows (quarterly)
  • Dance Teacher Workshops – these further assist dance teachers to keep abreast of information and dance skills that strengthens their abilities to professionally and efficiently run studios/clubs and remain marketable and competitive whilst generating an income for themselves and their studios, help create jobs through community competitions and improving their livelihood as a whole.

A great majority of the dancers partaking in The Platinum Challenge competitions come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, they seize the opportunity to participate in these competitions as they are generally excluded from other large competition due to lack of funds. Morithitho Foundation has thus seen the greater importance of providing prizes that would benefit dancers by means of goody bags with deodorants and hygiene products (roll-on, body lotion, soaps, hair product) – prizes that they can use and share with their families.

Morithitho Foundation is a patron of education and seeks to ensure that children and youth from all walks of life are able to acquire quality training, both in dance and academics and therefore needs support to continue running the DTT and The Platinum Challenge Competitions.

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