Morithitho Foundation

#Morithitho Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (132-442 NPO) founded by acclaimed dance personality and businesswoman Tebogo Kgobokoe. Tebogo has through Morithitho Foundation answered her calling and duty to share what she believes is the formula to success; versatility by dancers coupled with strategic and visionary management that is well equipped to manage and guide budding talent and skill.

Why the Morithitho Foundation?

  • It has potential to grow and impact significantly on the lives of South African children, youth, and women
  • It answers to the need for growth and attention to the women and youth of South Africa, while building social cohesion
  • It brings a much-needed positive attitude to the disgruntled youths of South Africa and renews their faith in our country
  • Morithitho Foundation programmes help remove children from the streets

Objectives of the Morithitho Foundatiion

  • To mobilise idle youth back onto a possible life-changing career path
  • To address the scourge of abuse through dance
  • Using the arts to heal the ills of society
  • To create a platform for social development
  • To revive art and reintegrate it back into the community
  • To create fun-filled and safe environments that encourage self-expression and exploration
  • To improve participants’ physical wellbeing
  • To unite all youth from diverse communities
  • To build the youths in a holistic manner
  • To build lasting friendly relationships
  • To enhance cultural diversity

Who will benefit from the Morithitho Foundation Programmes? 

  • Women and youth in different communities who share an interest aligned with the arts
  • Women and youth in different communities who share an interest aligned with the arts
  • Unemployed women
  • Youth and children
  • Community members who are active citizens in their communities

Morithitho Foundation Programmes

Morithitho Foundation is built on development, sustainability and advocacy of the arts, culture and preservation of our heritage. Seeking to bring cohesion, address behavioural stigma and issues that has affected the children, youth, women and communities in South Africa and Africa.

Morithitho Foundation is an umbrella to programmes and projects that touch on all sectors that link with the arts. These sectors include Health, Education, Social and Economic. The different programmes and projects answer to the different artistic, developmental, awareness, health, educational and sustainability needs of the Sports, arts, and culture sector.

Professional Dance Youth-Teacher Training Programme (DTT)

The Platinum Challenge Competition (PCC)

Tebogo Kgobokoe Arts Academy (TKAA)


A country that does not have a strong arts and culture is a country losing itself, especially in these times with everything moving digitally, the need for children, youth and women to have fuller and richer lives ensuring they are fit physically, mentally and emotionally is crucial. It is our belief that the arts heal and allows for expression, discovery, and development. The arts are the custodians of culture, and therefore custodians of its people. We seek to affect change in the most positive ways – in the lives of children, youth, men and women, and communities. Morithitho Foundation seeks to instil pride in our heritage, gifts, and talents. Furthermore, we wish to create opportunities for employment and self-sustainability through the arts.

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